F.C.R.C.’s Record

Yesterday Ashley Cotton of F.C.R.C. met with Michael West of Devotion NYC to discuss C.B.A. implementation and compliance monitoring since 2005. The meeting was a great success, and we’re extremely hopeful moving forward!

Here’s what happened:

Some Stats

Ms. Cotton was extremely eager to discuss the alleged C.B.A. statistics. She confidently communicated a number of stats regarding employment, construction contracting, post-construction contracting, business development and more. The figures sounded overwhelmingly positive upon first listen, but Ms. Cotton didn’t have the numbers in writing for us at that moment.


Where’s The Record?

Since 2005 F.C.R.C. has never published a record fully outlining C.B.A. implementation. Many in our communities are unsure of exactly what the developer’s done, for whom, or how they’ve done it. So although the numbers that Ms. Cotton divulged during the meeting sounded great, we had to ask for them in writing. We asked for this written record because we’re eager to share the data with you, the community.

We asked Ashley Cotton for a complete record of F.C.R.C.’s C.B.A. work within a week. She agreed to send us one! This is a huge for the community. It means that for the first time, the work F.C.R.C. has done will be public!

Once this record is public, our communities will be able to fully take advantage of the resources and opportunities designated for us in the C.B.A.

We’ll keep you in the loop here on our blog and on social media. Follow us @Devotion_NYC_ for instant updates!

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