About Us

our mission, vision, and programs


Mission: Humanity-Based Economics

Devotion NYC is a community advocacy organization. Our goal is to empower low and moderate income individuals to secure employment and business development opportunities that will strengthen them and their communities.

We support the development of business and employment models that promote economic development.

Devotion’s economic and political policies are based on The Guiding Principles of Peace and Unity and its premise: Do “Good,” Do No Harm. The objective is to encourage economic and business practices that put the well- being of human beings and the living earth first.  We call this paradigm Humanity-Based Economics.

We believe that the success of all economic systems and business practices should be measured by their affect on the well being of the people and the environment.

The HigherSelf Rubric is our guideline for determining whether businesses and organizations within our communities are functioning in a way that is in harmony with The Guiding Principles of Peace and Unity and Humanity-Based Economics.  Devotion uses this rubric to evaluate businesses and organizations and determine whether they are productive members of our communities.


Low and moderate income communities with self-sustaining businesses and employment models.

Who We Are

Devotion NYC is made up of individuals, organizations and small businesses working to eliminate poverty and social instability within low and moderate income communities by advancing change in government and corporate policy.

We’re a tax-exempt social welfare organization as described in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(4).


Policy Research

We gather and analyze information related to issues affecting our community, with the goal of advancing the development of effective government and corporate policies.

Community Education

We work with community organizations to produce workshops and events designed to build skills and promote economic self-sufficiency.

Solutions Advocacy

We advocate on behalf of local small businesses and organizations by encouraging corporate and political reinvestment in the form of employment, business development opportunities, and other resources.